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Militza Rosario Segarra

I worked for most of my life as a construction worker, and always wondered if there was an opportunity that could truly improve my life. For more than 25 years, I was looking for the lifestyle that I dreamed of, but never found it. That is when Gold International Diamond Hernán Santiago and the International Networkers Team showed me this life-changing project called 4Life®. I wasn’t sure right away, because it didn’t look as impressive compared to my current position as a successful construction contractor. Nevertheless, I gave it a chance and began the 4Life business. Now I, along with my wife, Militza Rosario, and my children, live a life of abundance. Living an abundant life consists of faith, family, and wealth: • Faith: knowing our core beliefs; becoming what you believe • Family: spending quality time with our loved ones—being there when they need you • Wealth: sharing what you have “Life provides plenty of opportunities that look smaller than our great egos. But these opportunities, regardless of their tiny size, can become bigger than the discovery of fire.” Centellita


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