Carlos Padilla Cruz & Maribel Pérez my4Life

International Diamond - PUERTO RICO

Carlos Padilla Cruz & Maribel Pérez

When I examined the people that run 4Life, beginning with David and Bianca, I felt a sense of security unlike any other I had ever felt before. I decided to jump on the vehicle that was taking many other people on the road to accomplishing each and every one of their dreams. In less than two years, I have seen amazing results. I have been able to make many dreams come true. Thanks to the system used by the International Networker’s Team created by Dr. Herminio Nevárez and the support of Rafaela, Jeanny, Rafy and José, today, I am a true professional in network marketing. Together we have formed a family and have accomplished many dreams. I cannot fail to mention Yadira. I’m so grateful for her support and personal commitment to my team and me. Many, many heartfelt thanks.


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