Jhonny Aguilar Pinto & Betzaida Cova De Aguilar my4Life

Gold International Diamond - EMERGING MARKET

Jhonny Aguilar Pinto & Betzaida Cova De Aguilar

Nine years ago, when we began developing our 4life business, we simply pursued the opportunity to earn extra income. We didn’t know at that time that through this process we would find our path to freedom. After all these years, we’ve learned that the only way to make our dreams come true is by becoming full-time 4Life professionals and by developing an entrepreneurship philosophy. Working with the International Networkers Team, being trained by its educational system, and using 4Life’s mission of Together, Building People® as our example of vision, quality, and service have been the tools we have used to succeed. We acknowledge that all the success we now enjoy and the benefits of a fulfilled lifestyle stem from helping the people on our own team succeed. This kind of teamwork is how freedom becomes reality. As we help them achieve their dreams, our dreams have come true as well. In our journey to freedom, we believe that God is our core value and 4Life and the International Networkers Team are the tools. Now our life is full of gratitude and responsibility because we have embraced 4Life’s mission. We are inspired and motivated to help many more people achieve their own freedom.


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