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International Diamond - MALAYSIA

Tok Ming Shiun & Lau Yean Keim

Tok Ming Shiun & Lau Yean Keim Sponsor: Quek Hong Hoon MALAYSIA Before joining 4Life, I had no experience with network marketing. I had been trained as a structural engineer at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 2004, Richard & Nancy Quek introduced me to 4Life and 4Life Transfer Factor. 4Life Transfer Factor supported my immune system so well that I started sharing it with relatives and friends. I also recognized the huge potential of the 4Life Opportunity. Without a single doubt, I took that opportunity and ran with it and I’ve never looked back. With the confidence level that I have for the 4Life Products, company, and compensation plan, I qualified as a Diamond in September 2004, Presidential Diamond in January 2005, and International Diamond in August 2005.

4Life has changed my life. Now I have the time freedom that I never had in my previous profession, and the rewards have been great! I have never been involved with another business where I could help so many people in terms of health and wealth, and be rewarded myself at the same time. I now have distributor groups in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and more to come.

Thank you to Richard and Nancy Quek, who taught me so much about the basics of networking. Believe in yourself and be willing to change to make things happen. If I can do it, anyone can do it!


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