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International Diamond - SINGAPORE

Haffi Yenti Salim

I once dreamed of having a career as a computer analyst, but once I achieved that dream, it was never as fulfilling as it was frustrating. I felt that my life was filled with continuous obstacles. Although I tried to be optimistic, that career was not all I dreamed it would be. My life and the lives of my family members improved when I joined 4Life. To make my 4Life business successful, I had to dream big, have faith, and give love and support to others. I soon discovered that I was on a journey to happiness. I was developing discipline and lots of patience. I’m proud of the achievements I’ve made with 4Life and I’m thankful for the enthusiasm and willpower I’ve learned. I’m so thankful to my dear parents, siblings, and the others in my life who have given me so much support. I appreciate their prayers and the love that they’ve shown me as I’ve worked to make my dreams come true. I feel I now have the kind of love and happiness that money can’t buy. I’m so thankful to have a family to share my dreams with and a committed team with the spirit to help make things happen! 4Life has changed my life in positive ways and given me the opportunity to help others change their lives as well. Through 4Life, anyone with the will to achieve their dreams and can find success with hard work. The amazing 4Life products and wonderful business opportunity make achieving success easy!


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