Fadzli Salim & Siti Zuraidah my4Life

Gold International Diamond - SINGAPORE

Fadzli Salim & Siti Zuraidah

To us, freedom means the ability to fulfill our heart’s desires without any monetary constraints, but most importantly, it is the freedom to spend quality time with those who are most important to us. With 4Life, so much has changed over the past seven years. From being more than half a million dollars in debt and toiling away on a humble scooter, to now being completely debt free with five luxury cars and three new properties to my name. My family and I cannot imagine what life would be like without the 4Life opportunity. We are committed to another decade of building our 4Life business and to increasing the number of Platinum International Diamonds. We know our success will only increase as we help others succeed and share the great opportunity 4Life offers. I believe that as good as a man can be; nobler still is the man who helps others. Our spiritual faith has been a constant factor in our perseverance. I once turned my back to God, but the Almighty has since shown me that a man is only defeated when he gives up on himself. I now know there is no greater enemy than I. As long as I believe it, then I can achieve anything I want to accomplish in life because of 4Life.


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