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Sadik Din & Hasnimah

It’s impossible for anyone to be successful in this business without being a productive part of a united team. The 4Life® business model is all about working together as a team toward common goals. Each team member has his or her own strengths, and when we are unified as a team, our combined strengths create a significant, unstoppable force. All of my years in 4Life have proven to me that individuals who work alone will fail miserably, while those who focus on team efforts will succeed when they invest time, patience, and effort. To foster the spirit of unity, we must remind our team members to plan and act every day in the interests of the whole team. We have to put aside our differences, eliminate our egos, and not look selfishly for personal fame and power. Looking for personal glory and being controlling will only create resentment. Instead, build up team members, set an example, and learn from others. It is critical that unity and teamwork be incorporated as soon as possible into every market that you have started, so that your organization can continually flourish. If you don’t form a strong team that can work together, distributors will treat other members as competitors instead of allies. Emphasizing the importance of staying united will help the team work together harmoniously and create outstanding success.