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Gold International Diamond - MEXICO

Jesús & Itala Rivera Nova

Freedom means that neither money nor time is a barrier for us. We do what we like most, such as traveling, helping those in need, paying for the best schools for our children, or buying our dream house. Nevertheless, the best and most important part of this freedom is being able to contribute to society through our church and other foundations. Taking action, setting and keeping short and long-term goals, making things happen, and changing from being spectators into doers, this is freedom. It was definitely a gift from God when I was introduced to the 4Life opportunity. Throughout the years, it has helped make all our dreams come true! 4Life’s exceptional compensation plan and unique products demonstrate 4Life’s integrity, values, and principles. When I see others we have helped become free through 4Life, and the success achieved by working together, it gives us so much satisfaction. It means we did a great job, and now they are ready to duplicate it. My continued commitment to all these 4Life families is one of my greatest motivators. Remaining with all our successful organizations, with the company, and taking the message of potential freedom to the world makes me feel proud. I love knowing I will leave a legacy behind me.


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