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Gold International Diamond - MEXICO

José Alberto & Sandra Rivera Nova

Before 4Life, we were traditional industrialists—manufacturing products to sell to commercial chain and department stores. Everything seemed wonderful; we had been able to create real wealth and were living the dream. When we were the most confident about our success, a brutal economic devaluation forced thousands of companies and employers into bankruptcy. We lost everything—our house, company, cars—everything. For the first time we had to borrow money to survive. We tried to find a way out, but it never seemed to come. Luckily in 2004, by recommendation of our friend and International Diamond Alejandro Farías, we met Platinum International Diamond Dr. Herminio Nevárez. He introduced us to the wonderful 4Life opportunity. We were really amazed by what we saw, but at the same time, we had doubts whether it was possible to create wealth this way. Especially since we had the perspective that we could only achieve success through traditional work! We saw in Dr. Nevárez’s eyes that he was telling the truth, so we decided to try the business for six months. Six months became one year, then two years, and by the third year we were debt free. Today, eight years later, we have a wonderful lifestyle, and love to travel and visit new countries. We are again living where we want to live; we have new cars, and most importantly of all, we have the time to enjoy our lifestyle, share and help our family, and have found wonderful friends along this path of success and personal improvement. 4life really is the path to freedom.


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