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Gold International Diamond - MEXICO

Gerardo & Lucy Rodríguez

Before we joined 4Life, we were looking for an opportunity that would give us a future with a better lifestyle. We wanted an opportunity that we would love, one that would give us enough money to allow us to experience health freedom and time freedom. This kind of opportunity seemed just out of our reach. If we had time, we didn’t have money, and if we worked for the money, we didn’t have time. Thankfully, God brought this great opportunity into our lives through International Diamonds José Alfredo and Cecy González. We started our 4Life business in 2004 and it’s given us the power to enjoy a different lifestyle. I’m now able to participate in more family activities including eating meals together and picking my kids up from school. I’m able to do things that I didn’t have time for before. My wife and I have the power to combine our activities with the pleasure of carrying out 4Life’s mission of Together, Building People®, and we do it with the help of a great team that includes my children and 4Life Mexico. We know now that dreams that we once thought were impossible can be achieved because we once again have hope. We have the security we need to build our future without any fear and doubt. Our hearts beat together and with each step, we get closer to our dreams. I invite you to make the best decision of your life and join the army that is changing the lifestyle of many people on this planet. If you do, tomorrow your children, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren will be proud of you for making this decision.


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