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International Diamond - COLOMBIA

Nansly Murcia & Milton Mariño

Success would not be possible without the wonderful team members who have helped shape our business. I am so thankful for their support and guidance. I am also grateful for my husband’s commitment and vision. We are determined to achieve our goals and continue to progress and expand our business. I know that a leader must be willing to grow to reach his/her full potential and leave a legacy for future generations. This knowledge increases my confidence and gives me strength to defeat fear and doubt. To summarize the words of John Maxwell, “This way of leadership is not the easiest, but it brings the biggest reward.” Thanks to 4Life®, our family enjoys valuable health support from the products, and we can show our children a life filled with freedom and dreams.* This is worth all the gold in the world! We have the power to set a positive example and show them it’s possible to overcome obstacles. We are thankful to our mentors! We appreciate the support of Gold International Diamond Giovanni Perotti, the passion of Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado, and the vision of Platinum International Diamond Dr. Herminio Nevárez.


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