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Gold International Diamond - MALAYSIA

Richard & Nancy Quek

For Nancy and me, freedom is being what you want. Through 4Life, we have been liberated financially. We are healthy, and most importantly, able to be full-time parents. Life is now a continuous progression instead of just sheer survival. But it wasn’t always that way. I once had a regular job, and like many others, I ventured into different opportunities to improve my finances. However, everything changed when I discovered 4Life in 2004. This company has provided us with the unconventional freedom we’ve always wanted—enjoying a life of bliss. Through 4Life and our own hard work, we have been able to take a family vacation to the United States. Today, our eldest son is back in the United States pursuing his college education. We live in our dream home and drive our dream car; and these are just some of the endless blessings we’ve received. We recently returned from a wonderful Gold Getaway trip in the Bahamas, all paid for by 4Life. Needless to say, we had a great time. Our success in 4Life lies in our ability to help others succeed. There are no words to describe the blessing of seeing someone we’ve assisted reap the rewards of their hard work. It’s the ultimate win-win situation! 4Life is not just a business, it is a way of life. Because it has become a way of life, it is easy to keep up and stay motivated. Our team’s motto is, “saving lives and changing lifestyles.”


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