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Gold International Diamond - COLOMBIA

Giovanni & Sandra Perotti

For me, freedom means living. It is conquering the unconquerable, seeing what we once thought impossible as possible, and recognizing that our dreams can be achieved. It is a state of the heart and the mind. The first step I took to achieve freedom is to make a commitment, set goals, and then pray to God for help in achieving them. Maintaining a commitment requires constant dedication, perseverance, and continued understanding of what this commitment will allow us to accomplish. We have embraced the 4Life philosophy of Together, Building People®, we have come to understand this idea in our lives and have made it our own. We have learned that you can’t edify a life unless everybody is in the process of becoming free. For me, building lives is the same as releasing lives—releasing them to a life of freedom, and giving them a chance to embrace the 4Life opportunity for themselves. Helping others become free is the purpose of my life. I recognize that this is the true value of my experience with 4Life, and it has given my life true meaning. I am motivated to stay on the road with 4Life because of the great enthusiasm I feel for this opportunity, and because of the empowering mission of my team. 4Life has made all the difference.


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