Natalya Davydyuk & Odissey Andronikidi my4Life

Gold International Diamond - RUSSIA

Natalya Davydyuk & Odissey Andronikidi

“I learned about 4Life accidentally when I ran into my old friend Aleksey Ivanovich Egorov. After that chance meeting, everything took on a fairy tale quality. Solid science behind unbelievably effective products and lots of very positive testimonials have opened the hearts of many who have heard our story and have shown that everyone desires to be healthy and financially sound. Taking 4Life Transfer Factor is the first step towards optimal health, as well as the first step towards financial stability. Despite of being in the middle of an economic recession, I feel very secure when I share this opportunity with others.

My wish is to keep sharing this fairy tale like existence with others. I am very grateful to the company, its executives and the Health Sciences Advisory Board for providing excellent products and long-term stability. I am also grateful to my sponsors and to the beautiful people on my team who work with me every day to make this happen.”


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