Oyunmaa Banzragch & Narankhuu Rinchinsangi my4Life

Gold International Diamond - MONGOLIA

Oyunmaa Banzragch & Narankhuu Rinchinsangi

Everyone has a right to freedom, to manage their own destiny, and to decide which road they’ll take to achieve this freedom. For me, that road of choice was 4Life. Now I am in charge of my life and my future. I am able to spend more time with my family and can help my parents. Because of 4Life, I am also able contribute positively in my country. After a difficult time in our global economy, 4Life has provided many distributors with an opportunity to start their own businesses. Today, these distributors receive substantial bonuses and pay taxes, which in turn helps their country’s economy and the global economy as a whole. 4Life continues to transform thousands of lives, giving people the freedom they have longed for. The company’s mission—Together, Building People®—has united people from many countries, helping them to build a better future through freedom. I know freedom is not easy to obtain, and I know that everybody who has freedom, has paid the price for it. Freedom is achieved as a result of hard work, persistence, self-improvement, and cooperation. In the process of working toward personal freedom, we benefit by becoming better people—kind, sincere, and loving. 4Life is an opportunity you can’t pass up; it is based on the great vision, integrity, and kindness of our company founders, David and Bianca Lisonbee. They have provided a passport to freedom for thousands of people just like me.


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