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International Diamond - RUSSIA

Marina Aryaeva President's Club

I have known about transfer factors since 2002, when I was studying immunology and pursuing professional interests. At the time, I thought that transfer factor products were unaffordable for most people. But then in 2007, I learned about 4Life Transfer Factor®. I started taking 4Life Transfer Factor products and introduced them to my family members, friends, and patients. Later on, I realized that through the 4Life compensation plan, I could offer health support to many people and introduce them to a business opportunity that could help them reach a new level in life.* 4Life has expanded my mind. I’ve realized that the world is not limited by the borders of one country; I now have friends in various cities and countries across the world. I continue to grow as a doctor, scientist, and person. I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me and continues to help me. I wish you all great success!


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