Irina Bolshakova & Grigoriy Kravchenko my4Life

International Diamond - UKRAINE

Irina Bolshakova & Grigoriy Kravchenko

After pursuing careers in nutrition, education, and economics, our lives changed direction in 2004 when we learned about 4Life. We are completely dedicated to the company, and our family members and friends play important roles in the success of our business. 4Life Transfer Factor® products are unique and multifaceted. With the support they provide for wellness and a great quality of life, these products are easy to share with others. This makes 4Life a phenomenal business opportunity, especially since the unique products are coupled with a generous compensation plan and honest executives.* The years we’ve spent building our 4Life business have been some of our best. We have learned from our mistakes and the examples of others who worked hard to achieve their dreams. They have no fear, correct their mistakes, and start over when necessary. As a result, they have achieved great success in this business. I know that we can solve any problem we might encounter. We love our team members and support each other in everything. If you work hard, love helping others, and want to travel, you need to join 4Life.


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