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Gold International Diamond - BULGARIA

Tatiana Yachnaya

Freedom is the opportunity to choose the best. Almost 20 years ago, I started pursuing a network marketing business while living in Novosibirsk, Russia. One day, as I returned home from a distributor meeting, I was waiting in the bitter cold for a bus. The next to arrive was a luxury class bus that was more expensive to ride. When the driver opened the door, the warmth inside rushed out and surrounded me. It was so pleasant, that I stepped up into the bus without caring what the ride home would cost. I chose warmth, the best, and I’ve never looked back. The obstacles I’ve encountered in network marketing have only made me stronger. Occasionally, I’ve been disappointed by some of the people I counted on. It has been hard to lose distributors, but that hasn’t stopped me from moving forward because I believe that he who seeks always finds. Because of 4Life, my dream to live by the warm seashore has come true. Today I live in the seaside town of Burgas, Bulgaria. During my seven years with 4Life, I have visited many countries for business and leisure. In fact, I took an exotic trip to Cambodia just last year. I knew what I wanted and how to reach it. Once you know your why, you can find freedom. This is the real motivation that makes you move toward your goal. I encourage everyone to believe in themselves, recognize their best qualities, and to take responsibility for their decisions. I believe anyone can achieve freedom with 4Life as their partner.