Lyubov Alimova & Mikhail Alimov my4Life

Gold International Diamond - RUSSIA

Lyubov Alimova & Mikhail Alimov

Freedom makes it possible for me to do the things I consider necessary and useful—the option to utilize my time at my own discretion, the choice of keeping in touch with people I like and feel comfortable with, and the right to express my own opinion. With my 4Life training, I have found myself more focused on self-improvement. This in turn has given me an increased desire to share the 4Life opportunity with other individuals, offering them a hope for financial freedom. In helping others, I find that I am able to increase my own level of self-confidence. Like others instructed under the canopy of 4Life, I have been most fortunate to learn from the best life coaches and experts in the industry. They constantly inspired me to climb to new levels while I worked towards financial independence. Now, with this freedom and my professional skills, I am able to thrive at other commercial and non-profit projects. I continue to be inspired by the spiritual leadership of Co-Founder Bianca Lisonbee, by the passion and dedication of President, 4Life Eurasia Dr. Emma Oganova, and by the professionalism of the Platinum International Diamonds. Because of their examples, I can share what I have learned with others to improve their lives; welcoming them as partners in 4Life business. Finally, I am inspired by all the women who have participated in my project, women who have changed the world with the freedom of 4Life.