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Gold International Diamond - PUERTO RICO

Jeanny Serra & Manny López

To us, freedom means having control over our lives, fulfilling our dreams, and giving all our potential to the world. In order to enjoy this freedom, we first had to make a decision to start doing things differently, and make sure we were in line with our goals. We had to focus all our senses, and not let anybody steal our dreams. Today, we can say we are a product of what we think, and thus we changed our beliefs, and today we are free. 4Life is the perfect conduit for seizing the opportunity to be free, living in peace, and enjoying the wonders God created for His children. With this great opportunity, we found the perfect balance of freedom in every area of our lives. The fact that 4Life is a bridge for others to achieve their goals has become the most satisfying experience of our lives. Seeing other people just like us, who had no hope, become successful by working with us in 4Life is amazing. We have kept, and will continue to keep our focus on helping to build others’ lives. This is the 4Life way. If we go far, it’s because we did not forget that there are people who need to be built through our testimonies, and that the generations who follow deserve to have an impact. We don’t want our kids to be prisoners, we want them to be impact leaders, and our example is vital. We will keep going.


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