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Gold International Diamond - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Dionny Recio

To me, freedom is living life with purpose, excitement, and happiness—a life in which time and money are not barriers to doing the things I like or want to do. Several key steps in achieving my freedom have been: determining my dreams and desires; developing a plan of constant action; maintaining commitment, determination, and courage to keep myself on the right track; constant personal growth; continued knowledge of the industry; and to believe and have faith in God, myself, and 4Life. When I made the decision to join 4life, it was important for me to see that 4Life had a balanced and fair compensation plan within the network marketing industry, based on principles, values, service, and was worthy of my trust while I built my business. All of these aspects have allowed me to feel safe and full of peace, tranquility, and well-being. I thank God for His direction in my life and for leading me to this company. 4Life is an inspiration for each of us to take back control of our lives. I am continually motivated by the satisfaction I feel through serving and helping others achieve true happiness through unlocking their potential. 4Life has been the vehicle for us all to reach our goals and dreams.


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