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Gold International Diamond - US

Julio Cesar Rodriguez

Gold International Diamond Julio Cesar Rodríguez was introduced to 4Life by Gold International Diamond Kim Ferguson ten years ago while looking for a natural health product for his mother. After learning about 4Life Transfer Factor®, Julio heard about the 4Life opportunity from International Diamond Shawn Alford. Julio was convinced when he heard more about the Life Rewards Plan™ and the power of duplication. Julio now shares 4Life products and the financial opportunity with everyone. “Being a 4Life leader means I have the privilege of helping others take their lives to a better place.” Julio is grateful for the way in which 4Life has helped him change his life and the lives of people around him. “The 4Life opportunity has given me the ability to help my parents’ live better lives during their retirement,” commented Julio. “4Life has given me the possibility to choose. I can choose to have better health support. I can choose to drive a better car. I can choose how I want to live. I am able to share with others the value of having options.” Julio believes that the most important ingredient in building a 4Life business is knowing your “why.” “This may change as your business grows, but if you are not moved by it, it is not strong enough to keep you growing,” stated Julio. “This business is about faith in the products and financial opportunity.” Julio is committed to taking the real meaning of Together, Building People to heart.


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