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Ok M. Kim

4Life is a journey toward life, and it’s not a journey to take alone but together. It’s a business to look for companions who can walk together 4Life and pursue the same goals and to share love with them. Please be humble and modest, have your dream, pay attention to the things more valuable, motivate others to have their dreams, and help them to bring out their potential. Please set a team goal with your members and work together for it. Please consider the meaningfulness of compensation carefully; then, you can find the philosophy of success of 4Life. Success is to realize your dream. Whether it’s is big or small, every dream is valuable; thus, fulfilling it is making a success. The success at 4Life means everyone’s success. As long as you complete the full marathon, all of you can hold the first rank. I wish you to become a great leader. I will restart my life with this opportunity and dream and run with my team members toward our new goal.


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