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Gold International Diamond - PUERTO RICO

Antonio Gonzalez

Gold International Diamond Antonio González first heard about 4Life® in January of 2001. He saw 4Life as a means that would contribute to the achievement of his financial liberty and would help him become his own leader in a very short amount of time. Antonio grew up in Moca, Puerto Rico. Prior to joining 4Life, he obtained a degree in biology and chemistry, and received a master’s degree in medical technologies. Since becoming a 4Life distributor, Antonio’s life has improved both personally and financially. His success has allowed him to give back to families in need and participate in philanthropic initiatives, including Foundation 4Life® projects. “Our purpose in life is to serve and edify other people, taking the message of hope and change to families all over the world,” shared Antonio. “Through shared values, teamwork, empathy, communication, and initiative, each one of us can develop solid relationships and a growing network that is triggering transformation across the world.” One of Antonio’s favorite 4Life moments was being acknowledged on stage at Passport to Freedom. “It was extremely gratifying to be personally recognized as a Gold International Diamond during Convention 2012 and be honored by 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee,” commented Antonio. Antonio continues to be motivated to achieve success because he realizes how far he has come. He desires to help many more people become their best and break out of difficult situations or a life of poverty. Antonio is committed to working consistently to develop a solid and growing network of business builders.


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