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During my 11 years with 4Life, I’ve heard many shallow definitions of the word freedom. To some, freedom means more material possessions, or large amounts of money. For myself, I believe freedom is the individual’s personal growth after they discover their inner potential to achieve any goal they have in life. When you have control over your life there are no goals that cannot be achieved. To me that is freedom. To achieve freedom, I have taken several steps. First, I had to grow in mind and spirit. Then I had to stop the “old” me from getting in the way of the “new” me. Next, I associated with the right people, like those at 4Life. Afterwards, I started visiting lots of people in order to share the 4Life opportunity. I continued to persevere no matter the hurdles, and helped each person I came into contact with become successful business-builders. I was just one of the millions of people enslaved by the mainstream employment system when I found out about the 4Life opportunity. Even though I didn’t understand it, I knew it was the only real option to achieve freedom and financial security. Today, I don’t do the business out of financial need. My wife and I want hundreds of thousands of people to be positively impacted by 4Life, and for them to achieve a quality of life even better than ours.