Iván Rodríguez & Marie Márquez my4Life

Platinum International Diamond - US

Iván Rodríguez & Marie Márquez

Unity has been important to me since the beginning of my adventure with 4Life®. I’ve always acted with care because I knew that my actions would impact the rest of my team. Doing well with my 4Life business helps provide security to an entire organization. This type of knowledge motivates people to push themselves and always improve. When we have the same mission and a clear vision of the future, we can be truly united as a team. Teamwork helps everyone make their dreams become realities. To help my team stay united, I’ve promoted teamwork instead of competition. In order to be a team, there can’t be big egos competing against each other. Working with others helps us create purpose in our lives. By being united, we can achieve real results. Together, our strengths cancel out each other’s weaknesses. We should see competition as something negative, because God created us as unique and special individuals. We can never make it alone. When my team members understand that they are gifted with strengths, they find a great sense of purpose. By using their uniqueness to benefit the whole, their self-esteem improves and they become stronger. When my team members start reaching their goals, I challenge them to not stop there, but reach for more. Each goal that is achieved helps my team members trust the greatness of the 4Life opportunity even more. Success is really a progressive realization of predetermined and valuable goals that add meaning to our lives.


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