Juan & Damaris Rosado my4Life

Platinum International Diamond - US

Juan & Damaris Rosado President's Club

Being committed to unity means understanding that the 4Life® opportunity can help all of us achieve our dreams, as long as we work together. 4Life embraces the philosophy of teamwork and helps build unity between people. Unity within 4Life means taking advantage of opportunities to help everyone achieve dreams without hindering anyone else’s progress. This business offers leaders and distributors many opportunities to work together and, in the end, celebrate their success as a group. The company continually provides strategies and resources that can help distributors keep their teams united in common goals and strategies for success. I love to work with distributors, both individually and in groups. When I work with my team members, I can identify needs and strengths, and this helps me guide them toward achieving their own goals and the goals of the team. By sharing a vision and sticking together, we can go further and celebrate the success of all of our distributors. The satisfaction I feel when I see a team member reach a goal is incredible. Being united means feeling respect and admiration for all members of the team and learning from their journeys. 4Life helps you accomplish more by encouraging team building and togetherness. I recognize the hard work and concentration my team members put into reaching their goals, and I remember the journey that I took to get to those points in the beginning of my time at 4Life. We accomplish more together than we do separately.