Distributor Spotlights

Nelson Padilla Cruz

International Diamond - US
Nelson Padilla Cruz

I enjoy:

What I enjoy the most about 4Life is the opportunity it gives me to share a message of hope with others. I want my team members to know that the future holds promise for them.

The greatest thing about 4Life:

The greatest thing about 4Life is the people—from the Founders, to the distributors, to the 4Life staff members who help us. Everyone has a spirit of service and that inspires me. I also enjoy 4Life’s products and the fair compensation plan. I love everything about 4Life!

My favorite 4Life product:

My favorite 4Life product is RiteStart®, 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula, and of course the new 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo™.

What drives me:

I’m driven by 4Life because it’s a company that keeps innovating. During my ten years with this company, each convention I attend inspires me with the new technologies that 4Life introduces. It’s so exciting—it makes it seem like a new company each time. This motivates me to keep sharing 4Life with new people and letting them know that I represent the world’s best company!

What are some of the barriers you’ve encountered in your 4Life journey:

I realized that my biggest challenge in my 4Life journey was myself. Joining this company as well as the International Networkers Team has helped me understand that our lives change only when we serve our neighbor. Our Founders’ philosophy, Together, Building People®, is something I take very seriously. Discovering that the limits we have had are due to a lack of knowledge has allowed me to live the best years of my life. Thank you, David and Bianca Lisonbee, for your decision to start 4Life because it has impacted so many lives for the better!

My favorite 4Life tool:

My favorite 4Life tool is the Healthy 4Life® newspaper that gives information about our products. It’s simple, but complete.