Distributor Spotlights

Gabriele Cordes & Martin Grassinger

International Diamond - GERMANY
Gabriele Cordes & Martin Grassinger

We enjoy…

The company’s motto of Together, Building People®. We are empowered to be with a company that is committed to personal and social development and that enables us to help people to live a better life. This is the prerequisite for a better world.

The greatest thing about 4Life:

The uniqueness of 4Life Transfer Factor® products, being supported by a company committed to science, success, and service, and the greatness of working with the International Networkers Team.

Our favorite 4Life product:

Our favorite 4Life products are 4Life Transfer Factor® Riovida® Tri-Factor® Formula and Rite Start®. These products give us our basis of health support and help us to feel great daily.

Our favorite 4Life tool:

We look at the compensation plan and the bonus systems as our favorite 4Life tool. We also really appreciate 4Life’s new recognition website that honors distributors individually.

What drives you?

The fact that through 4Life people can find an opportunity to take responsibility for their lives and have the potential to achieve personal freedom. It eliminates competition, envy, and greed and makes people generous with themselves and others.

How have you overcome challenges during your 4Life journey?

We have always stayed oriented toward our dream of living a life of freedom and being able to help other people to achieve their dreams as well. This empowers us to work continuously despite any problematic circumstances; which become nothing but challenges for personal development.