Distributor Spotlights

Troy & Priscilla Ortiz

Presidential Diamond - US
Troy & Priscilla Ortiz

Q: We enjoy…

A: Exercising, traveling, hiking and sightseeing, but foremost we love spending time with our family. We have found extreme enjoyment in creating life-long memories together. My wife and I enjoy seeing our four children grow and achieve milestones. This has kept us focused on our freedom and maintaining a high quality of life.

Q: The greatest thing about 4Life:

A: For us, it is the service. 4Life provides help to thousands of families around the world that are in need of basic necessities such as water, clothing, housing, and excellent nutrition through food and proper supplementation. Service has been the heart of our mission with 4Life. It has been a great thing to see so many families around the world benefit from Foundation 4Life®.

Q: My favorite 4Life product:

A: When it comes to our favorite 4Life products, choosing one is very difficult. The first thing we use in the morning is a 4Life product, enummi® toothpaste. And the last thing we use in the evening is the enummi® Skin Care system. Throughout our day we consume 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula, Bountiful Harvest® Plus, 4Life Transfer Factor® Kids, RiteStart® Men and Women, enummi® Lotion, and NutraStart®. Our most favorite 4Life product is the new berry flavor of Energy Go Stix®. The new Berry Energy Go Stix has a wonderful flavor, and like the Citrus Energy Go Stix®, it builds my energy level for optimum performance during any physical activity.

Q: My favorite 4Life tool:

A: Our favorite 4Life tool is the 4Life Office website. It is so convenient to have access to manage and view the growth of our business from anywhere. The 4Life website is constantly being refined and updated with the latest tools to give 4Life distributers a friendly and accessible way to do business with the world. Indeed it is our favorite tool.

Q: What drives you?

A: We are driven by several things: our desire to obtain freedom, spend quality time with loved ones, travel the world, and to help other people live a lifestyle that they could have only dreamed about. Having the ability and the opportunity to leave a legacy behind for our family also drives us each day. These things are the foundation to our success and will lead us to experience even greater accomplishments.

Q: How have you overcome challenges during your 4Life journey?

A: We have indeed experienced and overcome many challenges throughout this journey. We owe our success first to God, then to our own desire to endure and persevere through many obstacles to be able to reach our dreams. This is a business built on relationships and for that communication is the key. Communication has kept us together when the odds were stacked against us and it seemed impossible that our 4Life business would ever take off. So, our 4Life journey continues and the challenges will continue to arise for my wife and I, and for you as well. Just remember to share your challenges with your mentors and most of all never quit.