Manny Koh

Gold International Diamond - PHILIPPINES

Manny Koh President's Club

Gold International Diamond Manuel Koh had been involved with network marketing for several years before being introduced to 4Life® by International Diamond Ramón Mendoza. He decided to pursue the business opportunity to help make ends meet, even though he had been disillusioned by negative experiences at other network marketing companies. Manuel began experiencing success with 4Life after attending a convention in Malaysia in 2010. This event gave him the push he needed to stay motivated. Through his success with 4Life, he enjoys lifestyle freedom and travel experiences. He has also been able to purchase a new home and car. “Achieving the rank of Gold International Diamond is very meaningful because it proves to others that it is possible to achieve success with 4Life and that they too can do the same,” shared Manuel. Now, Manuel uses the difficult experiences he had with other companies to encourage others who feel burned out with network marketing. He helps them see that 4Life is the right opportunity. Manuel believes that 4Life training meetings and being a supportive team member are an essential part of achieving success. He encourages everyone to dream big and to stay determined by maintaining a positive attitude. Manuel is committed to sharing the 4Life message with Filipino people both locally and globally in order to give them an opportunity to achieve their financial dreams and experience better health support. “4Life is a truly legitimate network marketing company that can provide the answer to people’s dreams and aspirations,” Manuel remarked.


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