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Platinum International Diamond - PUERTO RICO

Ángel Molina & Ivelisse López

One of the main things that I’ve learned in my work with 4Life® is that you cannot achieve great triumphs on your own. To achieve success, you need to work with your partners as a unified team. The most powerful method for encouraging team members to develop unity is to focus on shared principles and values. On my team, we focus on equality, integrity, freedom, love, and gratitude. These are at the core of any solid relationship and, as a consequence, lead to unity. Leaders need to embody these values and set good examples of how the rest of the team should act. When leaders take on these principles, their partners will better understand their importance. As leaders, we must remember that every person has impressive potential and that God equipped us all with talents to help others and ourselves. A 4Life team is like an orchestra. Every member has a role and when we respect that role, we achieve great things. When we each play our very best, the music becomes a beautiful, unified harmony. The highest level of satisfaction that a human being can experience comes from helping others make their dreams come true. Seeing them grow, transform, and reach their goals is one of the most gratifying experiences in life. This is why I love working with 4Life!