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At 4Life®, there is a bond—not just between leaders at a local level, but also between our corporate leaders and us. Together, we shared the common goal of making 4Life Transfer Factor® a household product by sharing the benefits of 4Life products and our personal stories. When we understand that we can get more done together than apart, everyone wins. Uniting our talents, strengths, and gifts makes the difference between being average and going the extra mile. Building a business is like playing football. If you don’t work as a team, you’re going to be average at best, but when you use everyone’s strengths to make a great game plan, you end up at the Super Bowl! By realizing that my team members excel in areas in which I’m weak, I become a better leader. When we unite our different strengths, everyone succeeds. Teamwork is about making sure that different people help each other and work together as a seamless whole to accomplish goals. I have been in other companies where teamwork wasn’t as emphasized, and some people got left behind. When I see the huge number of people within 4Life who have earned success and personal freedom, I’m overjoyed that so many have done well! When we work hard and have fun together, my team achieves things that we never would have imagined to be possible. Unity is an essential component of success and happiness in this business.