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Gold International Diamond - PANAMA

Guillermo Rodríguez & Patricia Ferrer

Before I joined 4Life, I traveled weekly, Monday through Saturday, for my job. I knew if I didn’t change my schedule, I would lose my family. When I witnessed the free time and financial security my friend Gold International Diamond Antonio Núñez enjoyed, I was compelled to give the 4Life business opportunity a try. I told my wife, Patricia, about 4Life, and she said, “If it will allow us to be together again as a family, let’s do it!” I worked with Antonio to create an action plan that would allow me to quit my job within two years. We succeeded in hitting this goal! My wife and I were both able to quit our jobs less than two years after starting our 4Life business. Now, I can focus on my family and our new life together. Thanks to 4Life, our children have a life filled with freedom, togetherness, and financial security. We share the message of love and hope that 4Life offers with everyone we meet. If you build strong relationships with your team members, work hard, and have determination, you will succeed. We believe that obstacles should be seen as great opportunities to gain experience and strength, so never give up. Allow others to guide you and look for strong mentors. Always have a dream and fight for it. Then, help others do the same.


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