Dr. Eduard Hutabarat & Katharina Sihombing

Platinum International Diamond - INDONESIA

Dr. Eduard Hutabarat & Katharina Sihombing President's Club

Freedom is our right. Freedom is when our language is life-giving. Freedom is when our time is shared. Freedom is when our finances are given voluntarily. In order to free ourself, we have to break through our own limitations. If my wife and I had rejected the 4Life opportunity five years ago, I cannot imagine where we would be now. I would be freezing in my medical clinic and my wife would be sitting at home everyday with nothing to do. Thank you, Jesus, that we said ‘yes’ to 4Life! As a medical doctor, I used to think that money would just come to me as people got sick, so everyday I would hope that people would get sick and come to my clinic. I realized this way of thinking was wrong. My clinic was open 24/7, and I was working five days a week. I didn't have any time with my family, and this needed to change. With the 4Life opportunity, we have been liberated. Now, I don't want people to get sick. I want people to support their health by using 4Life products, and we pray that people can be healthy. I have also gained time with my family and my wife as we work together to build our dreams with 4Life. Since our life has been changed with 4Life, we feel a responsibility to those around us. Providing freedom to others is now our top priority, and we hope that the message is carried forward to everyone.


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