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Gold International Diamond - SINGAPORE

Nadzrul Salim & Nadirah Ahmad

I started 4Life in 2007 with the guidance of my brother, Gold International Diamond Fadzli Salim and sister, International Diamond Yenti Salim. I embarked on this journey due to a lack of job opportunities after graduation. During the same time, I had been in the hospital due to sports injuries. Initially a non believer of the 4Life business model, I was inspired by the success of my siblings and of course the valuable health support that 4Life Transfer Factor® has offered me. I immediately achieved Diamond within my first few months of this life-changing journey. In April 2007, I managed to achieve two ranks advancement within a month. I became the youngest International Diamond at that point of time. The achievement was celebrated together with siblings Fadzli, Yenti, and Zuraidah who achieved the same rank in that same month. It was a joyous occasion. Since then, the journey has never stopped. It is exciting and challenging. I have challenged myself yearly to qualify for the President’s Club and the Excellence Achievement award and I am thankful to 4Life for giving me the opportunity. This is where every individual, I believe, is able to achieve greater heights. The greatest experience that 4Life has given me was on stage at the success rally in Philadelphia during Convention 2012. It was a breathtaking moment to be able to inspire a crowd of 8,000 people. My key to this achievement of Gold International Diamond is that God has blessed me with committed and dedicated leaders in my success line which includes International Diamonds Md Aidith, NurJuvita, Dr. Tengku, Dr. Khairuzanna, ShahRizal, Haiyum, Hassan, Husayn and the rest of the leaders from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Over the years, the teamwork we have strengthens the bond we have. We are more like family than business partners. It is always heartwarming to meet family members and discuss the business with them. With great teamwork and a strong bond, even the impossible can be accomplished. All this success wouldn’t mean anything without the team and family support. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family members especially my mum and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Salim and the Winners4Life team including Platinum International Diamond Sheri Din, Platinum International Diamond Sadik Din and Hasnimah, and Gold International Diamond Fadzli Salim. They are awesome leaders that never fail to motivate our team. Living your dreams means to dream your life while alive. I don't want to live my life like a zombie, committed to the rat race. Instead, I live my life how I want with time and financial freedom. At the same time, in this business, we also are able to give hope to others by helping them realize their dreams. Inspiring others has always been my passion. Sharing the 4Life opportunity is like giving a new light or hope to those in need. To see their life-changing journey is something that money cannot buy. The best part for me is being able to spend time with my wife and son and watch him grow every single day. My dreams are my motivation for success. 4Life has helped me achieve a lot of these dreams. I am able to drive the cars I want and live the life that I want. I get to travel around the globe all thanks to 4Life! My wife and I realized our dreams of being able to travel around Europe last year—it was an unforgettable experience! When you know your dreams, you have a powerful motivator to make changes in your life. When you start to have pieces of your dream, your life takes on a joy that makes the sacrifices of simplicity worth it. Without dreams, life will just be filled with empty directives. Never be afraid to dream! Never allow anyone to take it from you. It is the stepping stone to success. “Nadzrul is my iron man. He would go up against all the odds to achieve his dreams. ‘Impossible’ is not in his vocabulary. He is a fun-loving father and husband and an inspiring leader. We are very proud of his achievement!” –Nadirah Ahmad


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