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Gold International Diamond - COLOMBIA

Osmel Farak & Arlette Molina

Gold International Diamonds Arlette De J. Molina & Osmel Farak joined 4Life® in 2003. They had experience with other network marketing companies prior to 4Life, but never became serious business builders. When Arlette and Osmel were introduced to 4Life products and the financial opportunity, they were immediately intrigued. Arlette and Osmel began to build the business in their hometown of Barranquilla. As they began to achieve new ranks, the business became a predominant factor at home. “The achievement of Gold International Diamond has unified us as a family,” says Arlette. Arlette and Osmel have two sons: Osmel David Farak, age fourteen, and Osmel De Jesus Farak, age nineteen. As a family, they enjoy going to the beach, watching movies, and engaging in lively discussions about any number of current events. They are grateful that because of the 4Life opportunity, they have been able to pay off debt, purchase new cars, enroll their younger son in a better school, and take vacations. “We carry with conviction a priceless message that gives hope and freedom to others and gives purpose to our lives,” shared Arlette. As business builders, Arlette and Osmel say it’s crucial to identify a person’s specific needs in order to refine their vision for success. “Dreams are the foundation of success,” remarked Arlette. “It is the origin of where everything else arises.”


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