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Platinum International Diamond - US

Lilly & Ángel Sánchez

Freedom is the result of making mature, responsible, and appropriate decisions in all aspects of my life. Being free means that you are the conductor of your own life and that you have enough time and money to do the things you enjoy, without worrying about the future. 4Life has been essential to achieving this freedom and finding happiness. There are basically six steps that have helped me achieve my freedom: believing I can be free, being courageous in how I make life-changing decisions, eliminating preconceived ideas about how to live, having a clear definition of what I want in life, making a plan of action to achieve goals, and putting passion into every one of life’s moments. I have stayed on the path to freedom because of the vision of all the marvelous things to come for millions of others with this opportunity. With 4Life, I want to help others reach their own financial freedom, while they simultaneously evolve and become better individuals in all aspects of their lives, and as a result transform into excellent leaders and social contributors. The happiness that this produces in me is what has kept me here. I am grateful to be able to fulfill my purpose in life. Without 4Life, the International Networkers Team, and my sponsors, I wouldn’t have done it. Thanks for being part of my freedom.