Rozaliia Kobylianska & Tamara Kobylianska

International Diamond - UKRAINE

Rozaliia Kobylianska & Tamara Kobylianska

I am a neurologist. My desire to help people be healthy brought me to the medical field. I have been working in this area for 33 years. Today, I think about my life in two time periods: before 4Life and after I made the decision to build people with 4Life. In this second time period, my life has become interesting, fulfilling, and bright! In fact, my whole world changed! Through 4Life—the products, the people, and the daily interaction—I can more fully share my medical and interpersonal knowledge, skills, and experience. I have discovered new qualities in myself, and I'm surprised by what I see in others. 4Life has given me a real opportunity to help people support their health, achieve their dreams, and lead more fulfilling, purposeful lives. Most of all, 4Life gave me the opportunity to help others see that I believed in them, and that has made all the difference. My 4Life team and I constantly reach for, and achieve, new goals and new heights. We are constantly surprised at the financial and social richness our 4Life journey has brought us. I view life now as a beautiful opportunity to share myself with others and help them fulfill their dreams.

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