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International Diamond - UKRAINE

Irina Bolshakova & Grigoriy Kravchenko

Greetings from the capital of Ukraine! We are Irina Bolshakova and Grigoriy Kravchenko. We graduated from the faculty of atomic energy at Odessa Poitechnical Institute with a degree in atomic stations and units. Since 1995, Irina has worked with dietary supplements, and in 1997 she was made president of the “Axioms of Health” association (a public organization that popularizes health programs and educates doctors). Her graduate education was in nutrition and medical management from Shupik National Medical Academy in the Ukraine. Grigoriy’s job and education is in economics and project management.

Our lives changed direction in 2004 when we found out about 4Life Research. Now we are completely dedicated to the company and our family members and friends play a very important role in the success of our business. Our sons, Vladimir and Andrey have achieved the rank of Presidential Diamond and they enjoy building their 4Life business, even though they come from different educational backgrounds (one is a sailor and the other is an economist). Vladimir was delighted to win Great Escape + trip recently.

Thanks to our business, we have met leading scientists, doctors, biophysics, and immunologists from many countries. It has confirmed our understanding in the viewpoint that 4Life Transfer Factor is unique and multifaceted. With its focus on wellness and an improved quality of life, this product is easy to share and continues to yield strong research results. This makes 4Life an incomparable business opportunity, especially since the unique products are coupled with a generous compensation plan and honest company executives.

Starting from scratch is not easy, especially if you are bringing the product to a new area, as we did. But the three years we have spent building our 4Life business have probably the best we’ve had. It’s been a learning experience, getting to know our doubts and learning how to go beyond them. But we were able to learn, not only from our own mistakes, but from others’ also, and we are grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to work with extraordinary people. These people don’t wait for a handout. They work hard to achieve their dreams themselves. And because they have no fear, they have been able to correct mistakes and start over. As a result, they have achieved great success in this business. Looking back over this short but concentrated time in our lives, I know today that we can solve any problem we might encounter, in this business or any other.

Some day we might write a pretty good book about our experiences. But now we have a lot of meetings, trips, and plans to attend to. We love our team and support each other in everything. We are getting ready to come to the Convention to enjoy the time with our close colleagues.

If you are active; if you want to learn as much as you can, if you feel the need to help others, if you are not willing to wait for money but are willing to earn it; if you like traveling and want to see this world for yourself—you need to join 4Life Research.

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