Tatyana Vayner & Vladimir Vayner

International Diamond - RUSSIA

Tatyana Vayner & Vladimir Vayner

Before we started building a 4Life business, we had some accomplishments, and of course, some blunders, but we realized that the path we were following was no longer effective. The time had come to reevaluate our lives and make some decisions. We didn’t join 4Life on a whim; it was a decision based on a careful study of the company. It took us more than three years, but we know it was the best decision we could have made. From the very first day, we shared our convictions and goals with other people and looked for those who shared them. Today, our partnership with 4Life has exceeded many of our expectations. We’re delighted by the decency, responsiveness, generosity, and goodness of 4Life executives. We’ve gained so much from our association with 4Life. We’re grateful to have many friends and like-minded associates. Our sponsors and team members are bright, talented, and strong individuals. It’s a great honor to work with people who actively strive to bring joy to others.

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