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Nadezhda Kutuzova & Leonid Kutuzov

In 1997, we chose to pursue the personal business opportunity of network marketing. This is a truly fantastic business model offering great potential for anyone anywhere in the world. In 2008, we learned about 4Life. It's been an amazing journey to help our friends and family change their lives and the lives of their loved ones. 4Life is the brightest star in the constellation of network marketing companies! Having unique products and offering an excellent compensation plan, 4Life Research stays unrivaled among its competition. We are always inspired by the success stories of our distributors who are part of the 4Life family. 4Life Transfer Factor products provide priceless health support and well-being. We are always happy to see our partners and colleagues grow their businesses and take their income to the next level. All this comes along with corporate gatherings, fun traveling opportunities, and events that certainly give distributors a boost of energy and enthusiasm. 4Life is not your regular nine to five job. It’s a lifestyle. It's our favorite thing to do. We are on the path to empower anyone who strives for success. I'd like for everybody to see the true potential of personal and financial growth in 4Life, as well as the recognition of their service to others. We often travel across Russia and abroad and talk enthusiastically about the great opportunities 4Life offers. So far, we've built strong, long-lasting relationships with many people, and we are proud of our mutual achievements in this company. Our biggest wish is to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom and to better their lives with 4Life.

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