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José Luis & Maria Martínez

Gold International Diamonds José Luis and Maria Martínez first heard about the 4Life® opportunity while José was attending university. At the time, they were struggling to keep up with student loans and spend enough time together as a family. That’s when they learned about 4Life from their friend, Diamond Luis Batista, who told them about the financial opportunity and the wonderful 4Life Transfer Factor® products. “Our lives have been transformed in the most spectacular way. Before 4Life, we had no time or money, we lived in a tiny room, and we used student loans to pay for college. With 4Life, we enjoy quality time together as a family. We have the opportunity to care for each of our four children, build our parents a house, and ultimately fulfill our dreams,” commented José. José and Maria are actively committed to sharing the 4Life vision and how it can transform lives with everyone they meet. José encourages other 4Life business builders who want to achieve success to actively stay connected with their team’s dreams and goals. “If you really want to reach a higher rank, you have to be focused on loving, serving, and supporting your people,” shared José. José and Maria are motivated to continue building their 4Life business because they believe that the company’s mission is truly great. “I know that this is only the beginning,” remarked José. “4Life offers an opportunity for freedom that can change the whole world!”


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