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Platinum International Diamond - US

Iván Rodríguez & Marie Márquez

My spirit is full of joy when I hear the word freedom. Freedom is a human right, and unfortunately is the high price many people pay to barely survive. It is precisely the need for freedom that made me feel uncomfortable in my old job. This simple word can trigger any person’s inner strength to face the giants who are trying to take away their freedom. The first step I took to free myself was to get out of my comfort zone. Secondly, I made sharing the 4Life message my priority. The third step was to sacrifice as I trained and developed the leaders on my team. And finally, I committed to maintain precision and passion toward achieving my dreams. 4Life has been the best opportunity to achieve freedom. When I was introduced to 4Life, I had already worked in the industry for ten years and immediately saw the difference in this company. Through the high morals of Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, the unique and patented products, the balanced compensation plan, and the vision, integrity, and love of the 4Life staff, we have developed confidence in our ablity to succeed. Now, helping free other people from debt and find freedom is part of my life’s purpose. There is a book that states: “You will lend to many nations instead of borrowing from them, so that you won’t have any debt.” What has motivated me in this path of freedom is that I could turn myself into a living example of how if you put in enough effort, are courageous enough to never give up, and surrender your life for freedom, God will be happy, because he created us to freely live our dreams.


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